Posted 1M ago by @ComradeTawapou

Okay to repot new plant?

#Sedum Newbie here with a question. I’ve had a little Burro’s Tail for about a month. It came in a 3” that doesn’t have a drainage hole. It lives in a sunny southern window and it’s been growing very quickly since I adopted it. I want to transplant it to a pot with a drainage hole so I’ll be less likely to overwater it. But I don’t know if I should repot it while it’s actively growing. Thoughts?
@ComradeTawapou Hi there! I’d def repot so that it has drainage and to avoid root rot that can happen easily with succulents. When you remove the plant, if it’s not root bound, I recommend using another 3 inch pot with drainage. If it is rootbound, use a 4 inch pot. If any little leaves fall off while you’re repotting, lay them on top of the soil once you’re done and they might sprout baby burritos! 😄
@SunnyPlants Thank you so much for your help! I’m sure my little guy will appreciate it too. :)
@ComradeTawapou You’re welcome! Happy to help! 😊