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My Cyclamen Survivor!
this summer i saved TONS of cyclamen bulbs/seeds and ive potted one and hes doing really wel! hes grown so much, but as hes grown im afraid theres something wrong with him? can someone please tell me if theres a problem with him or how hes been planted? im worried he doesnt have enough soil #Cyclamen #help #advice #NewGrowth #HappyPlants #FloweringPlants
@K4RL congrats on your #Cyclamen growth! No small feat.

I think he’s set on soil. If growth has been slow (how long since you planted?) I would bet he’s not getting as much light as he needs to thrive. Especially in Wales over winter, you’ll likely need a grow light to support vibrant growth.

I didn’t see him in your profile - what kind of light is he getting?
@K4RL I agree with @alex, very good advice.
@alex thankyou so much for your advice! i planted him about, 3 months ago? 2 and a half?? im not entirely sure. and hes getting sunlight daily as my patio doors are right next to him!

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