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#FreshLeafFriday time!
πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Good Morning #GregGang,

Time for everyone's favorite mega-thread of #NewGrowth! I wanna see everything your plants have put out this week!

🌡 New Cactus Pads

🌢 #Fresh off the plant Produce

🌸 New blooms as always!

πŸ‘― Plants are better w friends so tag your friends in (or invite them to Greg 🌚) and remember to like your favorites!

Be well everyone,

- rjg -
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Oooh I have so many!! But my favorite is my chopped ficus!
Woo hoo!! Bring on the freshest leaves and blooms and plants!!
Saw this guy poking out yesterday!
Epipremnum babies, ficus new growth, silver sword and my glory!
@jcPlantProper BRANCHES!!!
@sarahsalith Friday is the best πŸ₯³β˜ΊοΈ
@TattedHibiscus little point coming out!! Good work!
This is all I have for now. My Cebu Blue Pothos has new growth everywhere.
@jcPlantProper whoa the epipremnum is growing so fast!

Omg @KikiGoldblatt that's awesome! Is that the one @sarahsalith got you πŸ₯Ί
Can’t forget my Neon Potho or my Philodendron Brasil.
@RJG yes it is Drew. The Cebu Blue has new growth everywhere.
Oh and new pot for zz and technically my new plants are fresh leaves to the others
Super excited about all the new growth I found today. My calathea was dormant for a while and has put out three new leaves the past month and now has two more coming out.
Third new leaf from my albo monstera coming through, I repotted my birkin and it’s been throwing out new leaves like crazy.
Love this plant! Look at all the new leaves!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
@KikiGoldblatt that's so exciting!
@jcPlantProper yes all new plants count as fresh leaves
@PlantEuphoria that's awesome. so much new growth!!
@FirstCanna omg so many and so small πŸ₯Ί
@FirstCanna SO cute!!!😍😍😍
I had to dodge a huge spider to get this but I got some grapes off of my porch grapevine!
My monstera has two!
Can’t forget this one!
@ManyLime how do they taste?!
@Wickedlemons looking good Christy! Omg the ficus leaf πŸ₯Ί
I’ve got leaves on my avocado again! The Sinningia muscicola is still adjusting to its new spot, but has the cutest new flowers this morning! Also have blossoms starting up again on my cyclamen, and a new leaf each for my white and pink princess philodendrons!
@ESylvanus looking good! What is the third one? That's funky!
@RJG That’s cylamen β€˜Mini Me’. It’s just starting to come out of its summer dormancy, and it get these great flowers on little curly stems! Next week should be a better show πŸ˜„
@ESylvanus I'll be waiting patiently πŸ‘€
@jcPlantProper 🀯🀩
@ManyLime I love your grapes!!
My poor Monstera had some issues. 😩 It was very sad and it was TOO BIG to get out the door ... so I chopped it.

But NEW GROWTH for Fresh Leaf Friday!! πŸ’š

I thought my Monstera was a MONSTER before- all these are gonna be NEW STEMS!
@RJG they are yummy! Sweet with a slight tart at the end
New leaves on the summer glory & Thai popping up; beauty is unfurling one & gloriosum says hi with her new leaf!! No Greg mug today, just my new nespresso plant mug my mom got me for my birthday 🀣🀣
@Blau_Ozean ugh I need a Thai 😭
@RJG I lucked out on a cheap node because she couldn’t prop it πŸ˜… I’m to broke to buy an established plant lol
@Blau_Ozean same 😭😭😭
Lots of growth here! My Variegated Burl Marx, my Calkins Gold, my Jewel Orchid, my New PPP leaf, and my Phals are still popping flowers!
New foliage.
My black gold Melano keeps putting out new leaves. The Borgisiana just woke up again and is putting out new foliage. The Velvet Frydek went rogue with new foliage too. The Albo is on its 9th leaf this summer. The Jungle Gloriosum is giving a new leaf that’s about to open, too. I’m excited.
Btw, Good Morning, everyone!
Bambino surprised me with a leaf spiral this week! 🀞
@RJG Wild Roots will have baby Thai this Autumn. 🌿
@jcPlantProper I love the pot your ZZ is in! Where did you get it 😍😍😍😍😍
@Vjunc thank you!! Ross I think! I love it
@RJG my birds of paradise just opened 2 beautiful leaves! I have to cut the third one that was opening because it was completely black?! But it’s ok cause I’ll get another leaf from it hopefully in the next 3 weeks πŸ₯°
Snapped this fun shot of a new unfurling #Monstera leaf earlier this week. It made me happy
Spotted a new leaf on my Not-So Tiny Dancer!
Love seeing all the new growth this week.
I'm pleased with new growth on my Monstera adansonii with guttation this morning.
My mini phal has more root growth. New growth on my latest golden pothos. Blooms on my Tillandsia pink quill. New leaf informing on my manjula pothos.
Happy Friyay everyone πŸ₯°
Happy #FreshLeafFriday !!! Today I have my mini monstara’s newest leaf, as well as my Alocasia bambino, and finally some new leaves on οΏΌ philodendron birkin!!! 🀍🀩
@FitSedum How much πŸ‘€
@hoyahead what a happy surprise!!
@Vjunc I love new BoP leaves. Remind me of bananas
@angi that is so freaking cool to look at!
@sarahsalith oooo look at it go!
@RJG I don’t know. The last ones I saw were $110-$150.
@jcPlantProper we don’t have a Ross here 😭 but I’ll be in Georgia in October so I’ll definitely check if they still have something like this!
@Sassylimey your plants are killing it! Probably all that new space you made them last weekend in the windows!
@emmiev123 look at that Birkin though. That one leaf has so much variegation!
Happy #freshleaffriday everyone! Today I'm off and outside enjoying all my outdoor friends on the balcony. There is so much new growth that it's hard to choose only 5 shots!

Also, @ForFoxSake check out that new Pluto leaf that finally unfurled πŸ‚
I am down with Covid-19. I’ll try to post later. Y’all pics look great!
@Vjunc yeah! Ross is like Marshall’s or Home goods ! Do you have any of those? They have alot of home things I love it
just gorgeous @tmbryant37 !!
@Yeeha234 hang in there Anne!
@RJG Thank you 😊 I think the tiny maple tree leaves are my favorite; so cute
My new baby Spiderette! πŸ₯°
Lots of growth but these are my favorites!
New Alocasia Polly leaf, baby variegated prickly pear pads, and my dragon fruit cactus reached the top of her trellis! #FreshLeafFriday #NewGrowth #CactusClique #AlocasiaAddicts
@RJG I could look at them all day! lol