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#Begonia care questions

I mentioned this is in a post earlier so I thought I'd ask it directly to you, my experts! lol

Hi #greggang ! have two #Begonia at home - a Begonia Maculata and a Begonia #Beleaf Inca Flame.
The Maculata is perfectly fine.

However, the Begonia Beleaf recently lost almost all leaves (drief out) even though the stems looked healthy; refused to grow or developed; and was otherwise fussy in ways that reminded me of every calathea I ever had haaha

I still have her and am caring for her following every guide and suggestion I see online. She is not infected, overwatered, under direct sunlight; she only takes indirect bright light about 1.5 meters from a window, was fertilised recently, is watered when the soil is about 1,5'' dry.

HOWEVER, I then got another Begonia Beleaf Inca Flame as a gift, which is set to arrive this week. This time, guys, I want to do everything RIGHT!

So I know this is asking a lot, but if anyone knows this plant, can you give me a walk through of how to at least BEGIN caring and nurturing for her? I have almost 40 plants at home and the only one that gave me as much trouble as her was my White Fusion. I'm scared but need help.

Thanks!! #greggers #greggershelpinggreggers #HappyPlants #help #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #
7ft to light, indirect
5โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Do you have pics of what she looks like now? All of my begonias seem to like moss added to their mix
@Michelle5986 I took out the dried leaves and she was quite small.
Good to know about the moss, but Iโ€™m thinking when I get the new one - itโ€™s coming from a store, although a respectable one - Iโ€™m not gonna mess with repotting/soil mix yetโ€ฆ I think I should just let her be? What do you think?
At a certain point she looked like this :(
@Gustavo well honestly it depends on if the soil she comes in is good for her or not and you can save this one with some humidity and add some moss
I donโ€™t have this specific type of begonia, but the ones me and my best friend have all thrive in smaller pots. Just enough space to grow some more but they seem to like more compact spaces. Begonias are hard to because they light humidity but donโ€™t like their leaves to be too wet
@Lehhliee I knew about the leaves (thank you anyway!!!) but just found out about the smaller pot thing. The new one is arriving in a 5'' pot, but I have no idea (and no pics) of the plant, so I'm not sure of its size besides the store's description of 'medium'.

I won't mess with it, though, regarding replanting it, at least for a while. I think since they are sensitive either way, it could cause more damage.

Thank you a lot, everyone!
@Michelle5986 how would you go about adding the moss? Sorry if itโ€™s a dumb question - do you mean moss covering the soil, or mixed in the soil?