Posted 3M ago by @FaithfulMelon

Super Droopy Leaves
What should I do with these leaves? Does it need to be repotted?
The droopy leaves do not perk up at all anymore. The others seem to be doing ok. This started happening when we moved to a new home and quite a few of the older, larger leaves turned yellow and died off. I assume it was the move or we over watered at some point… also our new apartment doesn’t have very good windows for direct sunlight. What could be the issue? #SplitLeafPhilodendron #droopyleaves #repot
It could be all of the above. It seems like your plant is having trouble acclimating.

It's a beautiful plant; in time, I hope it perks back up for you. All I can suggest at this time is to wait.
Does it sit in a drainless pot? If so i suggest to move it out to a pot With a drain. You risk loosing it if not.
If it needs more light, put a plant light in.

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