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Trying to combat fungus gnats πŸͺ°
So I just bought mosquito dunks for the first time and am wondering two things before using-

1. I use distilled water in gallon jugs. Can I just leave a quarter of the dunk in the water jug for future use?

2. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t butt chug with the dunk water. Is this true? 90% of my plants are butt chuggers 😭 #fungusgnats #PestControl
So there are a few ways to fight fungus gnats and the larvae

Mosquito dunks like you said or bits and you put them in water and let them soak up for a few hours or over night but watch your sensitive plants VERY closely over the next few days

Cinnamon keeps the adult gnats away but it suffocated the eggs

Gnat traps their yellow sticky tabs you can stick in your pots
Yeah mosquito dunk or bits tea made from leaving the dunks to soak for an hour and bottom watering is safe plus removing the top 1 inch of soil were the eggs are laid should help even more
@GardeningDiva do I need to take the dunk out of the jug after soaking or can I leave it in there?
@Intensekeii thanks! I’m trying cinnamon too after I saw it here πŸ™πŸ½
If you use all the water you can leave the dunks in the jugs otherwise take the out after an hour since some plant are a little sensitive to it’s full strength

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