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I need advice from my #stringof experts!
I have a #stringofpearls and a #stringofdolphins. Both are happy and doing well, I think the SOD is actually trying to flower. They have both been #chopandprop a few times to make them fuller, and I've given some away of course. BUT they are both in plastic pots with drainage that can only be watered from the top πŸ™ƒ

Do let them be since they are happy but finicky so I shouldn't risk disturbing them?


Do I repot in some mini terracotta pots so I know everyone is properly potted before growing season ends?

I'll post a comment for each option for anyone to πŸ‘πŸΌ, feel free to comment with thoughts!
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Repot those strings 🧀
Woah, don't mess with a good thing πŸ™…πŸ½
My dolphins are every type of shape, I know, it's been a journey πŸ˜‚
I personally like wide short pots… I used short and wide terracotta pot for my string of raindrops, and super wide glazed clay pot for my string of bananas. It seems like they loved it! 😝
@vvvelo I have some terracotta "azalea" pots that I bet would be great. But they are 6", I wonder if it would be too soon for the upgrade πŸ€”
If they’re happy leave them be. My SOP is in a pot with no drainage and loving life.
What soil is best for VSOP? I ordered one a week ago and soil they had it in retained too much moisture. I was able to save a small amount. I used fox farm soil and added perlite. Hope that’s ok for it.
@plantiful I used miracle grow cactus, palm, and citrus potting mix and my SOP has given me no problems πŸ‘
@plantiful mine are in regular, but I think it's supposed to be succulent. The plant card should say if it wants to retain moisture or not!
@BuoyantFord thanks!!
@PlantMompy thanks!!

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