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Is this normal?

So I was going to water my snake plant and noticed that the soil was still wet after WEEKS and I noticed one leaf was yellowing so I checked the roots and they’re orange??? Am I watering too much still? Also there was a rubber band that was digging in pretty deep into the stem so I removed it and now I have 2 plants? #SnakePlant #planthelp #NewPlantMom #Dracaena
Are they mushy? It looks leggy and tall. How much light does it get?
It looks fine to me
@PlantSuccer I’ve only had 2 mushy leaves before and I cut them both off. These are all still very hard. The one that yellowed I found today and it was hard at the top but shriveled at the bottom
@PlantSuccer the leaves also seem to curl a lot idk if that’s okay? This is my first snake plant !
@FreshFalsedaisy From experience remove all yellow and mushy and repot in well draining soil. I lost an entire snake plant because of this. This is my big girl now and I bottom water her once a month. No more over the top
She looks ok to me tbh! I don't think you need to worry too much... That band was almost certainly causing some issues so I'm glad you found and removed it!! ☺️ I find them a bit tricky for an "easy" plant! Lmao... My eldest Snake is one of the slowest growing plants I have, but she gets lots of light so has like big, broad "bunny ears" 🀣 from what I've read, shrivelling of the leaves usually means (don't hate me! Lol) underwatering!! 🀦🀣 I rescued one that was REALLY wrinkled, and though I lost a couple of leaves from the previous owner's neglect (or so I tell myself! Lol) but a really good, deep drink revived the rest!

I tend to give mine a good soak at watering time and then let them really dry out in between... But it's such fine margins isn't it?! Lol πŸ«£πŸ˜‚
@FreshFalsedaisy I meant are the black roots mushy? I’d cut off the one that was hard at the top and shriveled at the bottom because I wouldn’t want the plant to expend energy on it.
@FreshFalsedaisy curling leaves could be a sign of anything. It’s one of those vague β€œI’m less than pleased” plant signs that’s annoying.
@PlantSuccer ohhh I’m sorry I misunderstood! The roots are not mushy just orange. I’ve never seen orange roots before so I was confused lol I removed the mushy leaves and repotted :)
@JenniB81 I’ve never had a snake plant but I’ve had this plant the longest! Going on 3 years. And they’re so finicky lol can’t overwater so you don’t get root rot but then underwater and you get shriveled leaves πŸ˜… when I took the band off, it seperated into 2 different plants and I put them in the same pot. Should I remove one and repost it into a different pot? I also switched to a terracotta pot but I noticed it takes longer for the soil to dry now.
@PoisedAlbo she looks gorgeous! 😍 I repotted about a month ago into the terracotta pot she’s in now and the soil drains well but since swtiching to the terracotta I noticed the soil takes longer to dry out now. I’m going to wait a week or so more to water again
@FreshFalsedaisy I use terracotta pots too and that is why I bottom water her because it takes longer to dry out. I have her in sandy/orchid mix which helps drain better and fill a large glass bowl and stick her in for about 20 minutes once a month in summer and every month and half in winter. This all depends on the size of your plant of course and where you live I live in Maine so it’s not as warm of temperatures. οΏΌ
@PoisedAlbo how do you bottom water? The terracotta I have now only have one drainage hole at the bottom :/
All of mine have one hole except the larger terra-cotta I drill more than one hole in them and I just stick them in a bowl of water and leave them in there for 20 minutes if you watch they will suck suck up the water. My other plants I bottom water every other watering but my snake plant I always bottom water because it’s so picky
Terracotta should be ideal... Be ause it's porous it wicks water away from the roots (it's possible your soil isn't draining quickly enough if it still seems damp?).

It's entirely up to you if you want to keep them together or separate them... I like them together, it gives a "fuller" looking out and is how they naturally grow... The like to be snug πŸ₯° so, if you do decide to separate them I'd make sure that the new pots are only very slightly bigger than the individual root balls (probably smaller than you imagine! Lol 🀣).

It's been a learning process with mine too! Haha 🀣 she was my first snake (I now have a few! Lol but they're either very young or "rescues" that I'm trying to nurse back to health! Lol 🀣 so this one is my "fuck about and find out" plant as she's definitely the strongest of them! Lol plus she seems really happy and healthy... She's just a bit lazy about putting out new growth! πŸ€”πŸ₯°πŸ€£ I think it's time to repot her tbh, not because the pot is too small (it's actually a bit BIG under the circumstances! Lol) but because I think a soil change might perk her up... I put it off when she first sprouted "baby", which has actually grown really fast! But the mother plant is super slow! πŸ€¦πŸ˜… I think fresh soil might give her a nutrient boost and make her happier. This is my bunny in in the pic...
@poisedalbo yours is a beauty btw! That's what I always imagined MINE would like like lmao 🀣 but she seems to have other ideas!! Lol xx

P.s. plz excuse the cat-scratched wallpaper! 🫣🀣 We're currently redecorating the hall and the Livingroom is next! Lol x
@JenniB81 thank you 3 years of growing. I propagated leave cuttings from the mother and put them in the same pot. Best way to have a full plant. These three are newest growth
She's like a grown up version of one of my rescues πŸ₯° I hope mine turns out as pretty! Xx
@PoisedAlbo ohhh okay!! I didn’t know you can bottom water through the terracotta! I’m definitely going to try that the next watering!
@JenniB81 I didn’t know they separated at all!! I was so confused when they separated on their own after I removed the band lol I figured let me just put it back in the pot quick 🀣 your plant is so lovely and has a lot of green! I wish mine grew straight up rather than curling and skinny lol
@freshfalsedaisy I think it's down to light and nothing else Hun! From what I've learned about snakes they're often sold as "low light" plants, but the less light they get the skinnier they grow (reaching to try and find it). If you move her into a brighter position you should find that her new leaves come up broader. You also need to think about fertilising now we're in growing season, I only use half strength fertiliser in my snake as the roots are quite delicate and prone to burn it they got to much of a good thing! Lol 🀣

I love the stripes on your though! (Think they're slightly different versions lol) πŸ₯° Xx
Idk if that is good that happened to my mom’s plant and now it is dying
@PoisedAlbo great advise! I have been trying to save my daughter’s snake plant. I will try bottom watering next time. Thanks!
I’ve had Hemingway for about 2 years
@WiredChards lovely plant!! πŸͺ΄β€οΈ