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Is this powdery mildew on my mint plant?
I swear it looked fine yesterday but today it’s like this and I’m just 🤯 Google says it’s probably powdery mildew but I wanted to ask people who would know. If it is, are all my other plants doomed to get it too? I’ve immediately quarantined the mint but it’s been with all my other plants on the shelf. #pestID #PestControl
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It looks like powdery mildew to me. But good news: although powdery mildew can impact a variety of different kinds of plants, each fungal infection is "host-specific," meaning the breed of fungi infecting that plant is specific to that varietal. So your other plants should be fine unless they happen to be mint, and then they might be susceptible.

It is also rarely fatal to the plant, but you will want to cut back the infected portions. Do not compost them because it can cause the spores to spread, and make sure to immediately sanitize you shears/scissors and wash your hands. And then I would use a fungicide. I prefer neem oil, but there are tons of options like fungicides containing potassium bicarbonate, sulfur, or copper. Just keep it quarantined and apply the fungicide every seven days and keep an eye on it. And make sure to wait any requisite time for any fungicide you use before harvesting for consumption.
@malobee thanks so much for this info! I looked into what you said and it looks like my other plants might be okay but of course I’ll watch them like a hawk.

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