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Leaves yellowing
I recently (a week or two ago) thoroughly soaked my Christmas cactus cuz I was gonna move it outside where I knew it would need the water, but then the leaves started variegating(?) and falling off, so I moved it back inside two days later, but the leaves are still yellowing, getting super thin and wimpy, and falling off. Halp! #christmascactus
3ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Best Answer
Definitely a sign of being over-watered. I recommend you remove it from its current pot and check the roots for root rot. If you see any fungus on the roots, rinse the roots and let them dry out overnight. Repot it the next morning and don’t water it for a day or so before beginning a regular water regimen. Good luck.
@ShellyJo thank you! I will try taking them out of the pot and letting them dry out a bit... I've never done that before so wish me luck in not killing any of them!
@WickedValkyrie It will do just fine. It looks as if you got it in time. πŸ˜‰
@ShellyJo thanks so much! I've had it for like two or three years so I would definitely have to cry if it died now... πŸ˜…
Uffda... Should I size up soon? Also any idea in how to remove the evil plastic tray without damaging roots?
@WickedValkyrie It has an awesome root ball. Just take a scissor and cut away the plastic. The small amount of roots that may be cut will not kill the plant.
@WickedValkyrie Stick it in the soil and before you know it, it will have roots.
Thanks @ShellyJo!
@WickedValkyrie Sorry I replied to the wrong person. I’m still learning this app 😜
@ShellyJo no worries! I just started using the app today, so I'm sure I'll make my fair share of mistakes before I really figure it out... Lol

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