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#GregGang MY FAVORTITE #RJGAsksGreg OF THE WEEK!!!! Let's #FreshLeafFriday
today I submit Brazzy the #PhilodendronBrasil, Venom the #LudisiaDiscolor, Zenon the #TradescantiaZebrina, Van Gogh the #AnthuriumAndraeanum, and finally, Erica the #StephaniaErecta! Which of your plant friends have #NewGrowth? #PhiloFlock #CalatheaCrew #FicusGang #FicusFam #OrchidLovers #OrchidOrg #CactusClique #SucculentSquad #PothosPack #BegoniaBunch #MonsteraMob #TradescantiaTroupe #HoyaHangout #PepperomiaPod #AlocasiaAddicts #PLANTMAFIA #PlantShelfie
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I will have to get prepared for these @RJG. It’s 10:30pm on Friday night for me. Got to pickup my game.
@Gordo that's why i did it so early here in Texas! to catch you and hopefully @foliagegirl on Friday still!!
Will have to remember next week to prep. πŸ€”
You no what. I’m getting out of bed and turning on the lights just to be in this this time 😝
@Curry LFG
heck yes @Gordo!! love to see it!!
Victreebel has a new pitcher coming in
omg @Dezibynature what a great name for a pitcher plant. i am obsessed
Such pretty little leaves unfurling.❀️🌺
@RJG thanks! When I got her just couldn’t not name her that lol
Four new leaves on the Zebrina πŸ₯°
I was waiting for today! Bringing my #HiloBeauty back from the brink of death with not 1, but 2 new leaves peeking out. Plus fresh leaves coming in on #FiddleLeafFig & #SwissCheeseVine
Love new leaves! πŸ₯°
Today I found some on my velvetleaf, weeping fig, Burgundy rubber tree, Peperomia Ginny, and my Ruby Rubber Tree! #FicusGang #PhiloFlock #peperomiapack #NewGrowth #FreshLeafFriday
@Gathererofnutsandodballs hold up we need a new one for peperomias !!! pothos already are the pack and we can't have fights breaking out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@angi yaaaasss we love to see it!!
@RJG I like that one!
@RJG truth!
I had these at the ready!! My heart leaf philodendron crawling up the kitchen wall by the sink. Love love loveeee. 🌱 πŸ’•
@Gathererofnutsandodballs I shall add it to the post officially
@kaleena omg that's gorgeous Kaleena!
@RJG I like to think it makes doing dishes a little less miserable. :)
@kaleena absolutely!
Pt. 2 from the greenhouse! Trife the #FicusTriangularisVariegata, Goldie the #FicusBenjaminaElDorado, Emma the #JadePlant, Esquire the #FicusAltissimaYellowGem and Cutie the #MandarinOrange
So many new leaves on everything!
Look at that little nugget!
@martin Omg πŸ₯°
This calathea that was previously dying annnnnd my first ficus Audrey leaf!
Oh snap D, there’s new growth from the marble pothos too!! #NewGrowth #HappyPlants #verifymeyoucowards
πŸ₯‘ 🌱
@Hypsie I love avocado leaves so much.
@RJG They are so much fun to watch grow, aren’t they? Now that I have a grow light on him, he’s showing noticeable growth every day! Just like when he first sprouted 🀩
@RJG 😭😭😭😭 I’m still in Florida
@alex tell me how to help. I can be there in the morning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@RJG πŸ’šπŸ’š @martin has my plant fam covered πŸ™
@alex ah yes the plants in NY, def not helping in Florida.... πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@martin both of mine think they’re on roids. Must be something in the water.
Sooo freshhhhhh
Lots of new growth again this week! Totally enjoying watching the ferns uncurl πŸ₯°
The spider plant is putting out new leaves too, in spite of β€œhelp” from the cat…
So much new growth! I'm super envious! Right now the only plant I can see actively blessing me with #newgrowth this week is my #neonpothos!
Best day of the week! πŸ’šπŸŽ‰
My peperomia hope keeps growing :) along with new growth from my hoya!
Fela, my Prince of Orange, is showing off this week.😎🧑
My girl has been waiting all week for this!! We’ve got NINE new leaves 🀩
All freshly unfurled, or unfurling 😊 first is zamioculas zamiifolia akebono, maranta red vein, monstera deliciosa, philodendron golden melinonii and Monstera Thai Constellation
Miss Keisha, my #monstera has been working on her new leaf tirelessly and im super excited to see her work. 🌱✨
Toby, the #ChineseMoneyPlant is sprouting three leaves at once! :D
My #Croton is also pumping a new leaf up, but unlike the other two its is taking its time. #MonsteraAlbo #PileaPeperomioides #HappyPlants
Ok, my plants think it’s spring. Two or three weeks ago the just really started growing. Must be the extra daylight!
@AnnaLovesVoting holy Hoya Batman! Look aterrar Dottie & Zebrina!! Sonhou have them under grow lights?
@Vinxy2 yeah everyone is under lights
@BJoyce B that calathea pic is such a cool photo!!!
@RJG showing off some of @alex’s new growth! Neither snow nor rain can keep the Greg team from saving plants! πŸ˜‚
@martin omg you went out in the blizzard!? @alex give this man a raise πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@RJG Central Park is gorgeous right now
@martin the cardinal οΏΌπŸ₯° ❀️
@motherofplants right?? 🎈
@RJG here ya go. Just an assortment of a little bit of my collections.