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Could spider mites make long webs?
I found spider mites on my #rubberplant almost a month ago. Since then I have isolated, sprayed with Neem oil three times, sprayed with soap and hydrogen peroxide two times and lint rolled once.

A couple days ago I brought it up and put it back with the rest of my #ficus. They have all been sprayed with Neem oil three times to be safe, but showed no signs of mites.

I moved them all into the shower to spray and inspect before setting them back up and I noticed a long, single strand web on the largest plant. I assumed it was a "normal" spider. Tonight I went to check everyone and saw this. Could it be mites still, or more likely is it the spider strand I saw on the larger plant?

For reference, the only other plant with mites I checked today and it looked questionable. I think I am going to toss it to be safe....
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0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Keep it quarantined and check for regular spiders too. I had a spider mite scare a couple weeks ago and It turned out just to be one spider boy. It's such a great plant I would hate for you to toss it πŸ˜” (Ps; spiders are some what resilient to been oil in my experience)
I'd recommend wiping all the leaves with rubbing alcohol. This way, you can be sure you've wiped any any webs so if you see any new ones after this, you know there are still some crawlers. Also, if you don't have Natria, I'd recommend that to use in between any Neem treatments. It's more gentle to use more often than Neem.
@AwesomePlants yah I never use neem. It smella and I personally don't think it's very effective. All about that insecticidal soap tho. πŸ‘†πŸΌ
@RJG I hate the smell, too but thought it was my only option. So excited it's not!
@AwesomePlants can one use rubbing alcohol on plant leaves?
@HappyPlantBFF Yes. Use no more than 70%. I wipe down every new plant with rubbing alcohol and if I see pests, I do the same. Some plants may be sensitive to it, but with over 200 plants, I don't even allow new plants into my quarantine area until I've wiped them down, inspected, and sprayed with Natria.
I had a spider mite scare inside one greenhouse cabinet. It was a line spider but all plants got the royal treatment. The change in the leaf was a new leaf being formed and all nutrients being redirected to it. Spider mites can make long webs but not Architectural designed webs. I use a spray of dish soap and a bit of rubbing alcohol with water to use in pests. Spray the leaves and soil. Let stand 5 minutes. Then bathe the plant leaves thoroughly and then gently spray the soil to push the solution down for any other pests. I use it regularly to smother any pests that can hurt my plants. Don’t do this in bright light and don’t place them in bright light afterwards. Let them get over the sudden hose-down you just gave them by giving them at least 4-5 hours to drain and get themselves together. Some plants are fussy and don’t like being handled at all. Most of mine don’t like being touched at all. πŸ˜…

Happy Growing! 🌿
@AwesomePlants thank you for the tip. I’ve combined alcohol, dr Bonner and water in a spray bottle and mist my plants. I’ve done it only once since your tip. Should I do it regularly? And how regularly?
@FitSedum I did it too but didn’t hose the solution down. Should I have? They seem ok and plants look really good.
@HappyPlantBFF I'd recommend wiping down with the alcohol if you see pests in the future. I'd also do it to any new plants you bring home as well as spray with Natria. You can use Natria any time to be a preventative measure.
@HappyPlantBFF no, you don’t have to wash it in. You can use neem oil and make sure you wipe the stems on the plant too. Neem has an odor but it’s not that bad. The smell goes away fairly quickly, imo.

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