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How do I remove a pup?
I tried pulling it and it didn’t move and I don’t want to break it so I thought I would ask the #GregGang! Thanks! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #SucculentLove #FreshLeafFriday #SucculentSquad #AloeVera #Aloe #pups
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With the size I would remove entire plant, gently remove soil from around pup and try to separate. You can always use a clean sterile knife or scissors to clip away the roots you can’t separate.
You can take the whole plant out of the pot to remove the pup with some of the root system, or you can try to dig out around the pup to remove it. I have pulled a pup out and gotten no root, but they do ok.
Yeah what they said. Lol. They grow from the root system hidden underground so the best way is to remove the entire plant. But you can just kinda reach in a cut the baby out but that isn’t my favorite way but it does work just fine either way in the long run.
Yes take it out like your going to repot and separate into different pots. That’s what i do ! And water in when done
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i want to grow alovera too.
can you tell me like what's the process? like do we need the whole plant with roots or like we can grow it with a stem or leaf??
can you please tell?
@sike you can buy them almost anywhere! You don’t have to do much. Beware that they will get very heavy! They like hot places so patios, sunrooms, anywhere that has a lot of windows and direct light they’ll thrive! I almost got mine to flower once!

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