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Experiment 6: Variegated String of Hearts & ✨Pothos Water✨(Update!)
Hey there, #GregGang! 👋🏽

🔬It’s been almost a month since I started watering my #VSOH with #PothosWater and the results have been great!

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⚡️I’ve rooted several String of Hearts cuttings in moss, soil, water, etc. but none rooted and grew as fast as Doki has 🤩💕
I watered every 6-7 days with 50/50 Distilled & #GoldenPothos Water! I’ll let the pictures do the talking 😌⚡️🌿

📸Pictures 1-3 were taken today. Last picture was taken 25 days ago
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2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Best Answer
This is absolutely brilliant!
Wow great results!!🥳
So pretty!! 😍
@kscape I read your posts and it's something I've noticed but even in my maddest scientist mode, I never thought to share the water! Even a healthy looking plant can spread stuff - but that's what makes this science! I need to fill out my hanging golden pothos so I'm about to hit up the mama plant for some juicy stems to share with my props! (And now that you've impressed my hubby, he may not mind me spending time on here!)
Wow! That's fantastic
OMG!!! Wow Dariana!! That’s so amazing.
This is awesome! 🤩💚

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