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Weed transplate gone wrong #WeedsArePlantsToo
I transplanted some marijuana plants and woke up the next morning to them wilting over. They have rocks on the bottom to drain. The soil is new. Water them once a week. Any recommendations on how to get them perked back up? #Weed #plantcare #HappyPlants #RootRot
Overwatering can be the reason for cannabis leaves wilting and dying. The pots are also very big for the small plant πŸͺ΄
You potted up too large too fast. Those babies are so tiny for that big ole pot. They're likely in shock and over watered πŸ–€
Also rocks in the bottom of a pot don't actually help, wish I could find the article I read yesterday, it said rocks in there bottom of a pot can't actually hold water!!
As above has said, rocks don’t work and the pots are way too large. These should be in individual 5cm pots only. They’re still classified as seedlings at this size, treat them like newborns. Bright light, small pots, frequent light watering and warm location. Good luck πŸ’šπŸͺ΄

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