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Mom says her #Gardenia is dry
Sorry for the blurry photos. I couldn’t get my mom to take a good picture to save my life. I repotted the newly received plant for her about two weeks ago. She says that the plant looks dry most of the time. She says that she waters it and it looks fine for a while before looking dry again. East facing window, 6 inch pot. No signs of fungal infection. Is the plant just dormant for the winter? Repot shock? Any feedback is greatly appreciated 💕
@missmichelex #Gardenia plants are accustomed to full sun for some part of the day, so it’s possible she’ll see some leaf drop over winter. Especially if she’s on the east coast of the US where light levels are currently quite low, around 1/4 of what they’ll be this summer.

As far as looming dry though - hard to tell from photos or without watering history. You should get her on Greg :). It’s possible it would benefit from a bit more frequent watering. Do you know how often she does it now?
@alex Trying to get her on Greg lol. She said she waits for the soil to dry out almost completely before watering. Probably every 10 days or so.
@missmichelex 💪 I bet it would benefit from a bit more frequent watering (every 6-8 days) and not letting it dry out completely. A 6-inch pot isn’t too big and holds less water than a big pot, so it needs to be watered more often.
@alex awesome will pass it on thank you and happy holidays!
@missmichelex happy to help! FWIW she should still avoid watering when soil is wet, but #Gardenias originated in tropical Asia+Africa, so they aren’t succulent-like and aren’t used to fully drying out. A plant’s country of origin plays a big role in water/light needs.

Wishing your mom luck! And hope to see her in the community :)

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