Posted 4M ago by @SuaveRockfig

Random cactus growth?
I originally got this guy to try and move one of the growths off my moon cactus. Well that didn't work, obviously. This arm showed up about three months ago and it just keeps growing longer and longer and getting little arms off of it. Ive never had this happen. Also, what can I do with it? I don't assume I can remove it and plant it by itself? Is a weird cactus arm considered a #mutantsucc
That's likely a pup or new growth of the graft stock cactus! Super cool.
Looks like new cactus growth. 🌡
Can I remove it though? Plant it on its own? I feel like it's going to get heavier than the original cactus and weigh it down.
@SuaveRockfig yah. You can cut it off, let it scab over, then root it!

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