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Should I repot?
About 3 months ago I decided to pull my Fiddle Leaf Tanga (never let a three year old name your plants) apart as I really wanted 1 single stem. Tanga ended up becoming 5 plants of various sizes. I potted them up in shine pots I had lying around with some regular potting mix, but now I am wondering if I did the right thing with the potting.

Since potting none of the plants have died, but only the largest one has had any growth. Greg suggested they needed watering yesterday but yet again I had to skip the watering as they are still wet. It has now been 2 weeks since their last water. Also thought it would be worth mentioning I am in the Southern Hemisphere so we are just coming into the Spring growing season.

Should I go buy some smaller grow pots? Maybe change to a better drawing soil mix? Or just leave them be? #HappyPlants #Watering #FiddleLeafFig #FiddleLeafFigGoals #RepotSeason #repotting
5ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
If the soil is holding that much water you probably need to switch them to something with better drainage. The pot sizes seem okay but if they're taking that long to dry out you run the risk of root rot.

Your plant card says the pots have no drainage so that is a problem. Punch some holes in the pots when you change out the soil and that should also help.

They probably also need a lot more light than they're getting that far from a window.
@RJG Do you have any tips to get these littles back on track?
Definitely longer hours with light! As well as smaller pots for most of those is what I suggest
@tmbryant37 thanks. I have a mix I made for my monstera using coco coir, perlite and worm castings, would that be okay for these guys too? They do have drainage, I’m just having some technical issues with the app crashing when I open up the plant card so I can’t update it. They are in nursery grow pots.
@jcPlantProper the 4 smaller ones (that have no growth) sit less than 30cm from the window. I wonder if my landlord would notice if I knocked a hole in the wall for another window to let in more light? 🀣
@mysugaredlife You want to knock a hole in the wall for your PLANTS?!

You are DEFINITELY amongst your people!!
I think the mix for your monstera sounds fine since it has the perlite.

It's hard to tell from the angle of the photos but if they are in 5" pots then @jcPlantProper is right that the small ones need to go down a size.

And since you are in the SH keep in mind that plant growth slows during the fall and winter so they'll be waking up soon and you should have longer daylight hours with brighter sun so that will also help.
Yeah they’re pretty deep so that’s a lot of soil! As long as they get light for a good amount of hours they the day. It doesn’t have to be directly like IN the sun 🌞
@sarahsalith 🀣 hey if I had my way I have three holes I would love to know in the wall. Our house is very lacking in windows.
@tmbryant37 I kind of feel like the smallest one definitely needs to go into something smaller. The largest I am happy with the size but not with how wet it is staying.
Also something to consider re: new growth. If these were cuttings off the original plant, the cuttings will take time to establish roots before it will be able to put out new leaf growth.
@MeganO they were all individual stems with their own root system.
@mysugaredlife ahh okay. Sometimes they just need to adjust after repotting. Def keep an eye on the moisture retention.
@mysugaredlife I also agree with @tmbryant37. They need plenty of light. Also perlite is used for irrigation. If your able to punch holes in those pots then you should be fine. The smaller ones may need a smaller pot. Just make sure you get pots with drainage.
You could order some ficus soil from a vendor online. That will give you the proper mixture of organic and drainage materials to help your plant stay moist but not totally wet.
You often tear off some of the 10 rolls that the roots are using to draw in nutrients. It takes some couple months to grow them back so that the roots are fully functioning again. Now if you're going into a period of dormancy in the winter in your area you may not see that happen for quite a long time. As long as the plants are holding their own with greenness and the rigidity of the leaves then you shouldn't worry about it yet.

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