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📣This is an Announcement from the "Founder" of #ScienceWithGreg to save your #PothosWater when propagating any type of #Pothos! You can use this to water plants! 🤩

❗️Recently, I've been doing experiments where I used #PothosWater *literal water used when propagating Pothos* to root some of my cuttings! But using #PothosWater to water plants? Does it work? Will it help my plants grow faster? Stronger? I NEED TO KNOW!

✅ I can say this can *totally* work when trying to encourage your plant to produce healthy roots and accelerate growth! I’ve seen significant growth on my #VSOH and #elephantbush after watering with #PothosWater!

🔬Scientifically, #Pothos are known to have more Auxin & Cytokinin (rooting hormones that are present in all plants and vary), but there are specific Pothos that have an excess amount of them. When a cutting is paired with a Pothos, the cutting benefits from these rooting hormones and uses them to grow!

💧I just use a filter to get all the icky gunk out of the water, and then dilute it 50/50 with Distilled and water my babies that way! also, because #PlantingOnABudget 😌
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i think this sums it up really well! super interesting to learn the reason on why it works
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ♻️ 🤭
Love the conservation aspect as well!!
You know I'm gonna be using it! Dariana's grow juice!! 🤣
@PlantEsteem bahahahaah 🤣🤣🤣 that’s an interesting way of putting it! 👀👀
@annapop yessss! Love this ✨✨
Daphne the Golden Pothos is about to stick the landing so it’s chop and prop time soon 👀 definitely watering my slow growers with Pothos water next time!
Would heartleaf philo water work too? Because I have an abundance of it. 😂
Oh I definitely Vote Hell Yes to “Dariana’s Grow Juice”!!! Can’t wait to try it 😊🥰
@tango me too! But I’m not sure! Philos are known as slow growers so maybe not, but I am rooting Heartleaf philo with #PothosWater 🤭🤭💧
Have you tried this with the Solomon seal yet?
@PlantyPlanter No I have not! Been busy with work and then get home very tired 😭

Plus, I’m nervous to check on Crispy Boy’s rhizome since it’s n the dirt and it sounds like a lot of tedious work 😅
@annapop yes… probably naturally produces what powdered rooting hormone does. Like an apple will help bananas ripen
Does this method work for other plants?! I’ve been propagating my snake plant cuttings and dumping out the water every time I replace it!
@bizarrekitties I’ve not tried with snake plants since I don’t have any, but I believe @Sassylimey has tried with a ZZ raven and they’ve had roots so far! Maybe you can try and contribute to #ScienceWithGreg! Plus, you may end with successful props! 😁
@kscape Thank you!
@kscape I love @LatiTish84 answer. 💕💕💯💯
I've been doing some research on banana peel water for fertilizing plants and came across this article that has really impressed me. Another experiment @kscape. I've got some banana peels sitting in jars of water and am adding a little to the water when I butt chug my plants, interested to see how it works. I'm thinking of adding just a little banana peel water to my water props also 🤔
Ok snipped some Cuban Oregano and popped them into water to propagate with a little banana peel water, these plants produce roots fairly quickly, I want to see if they produced more roots in a shorter time, we shall see 👀
@Sassylimey Ahh! Thought I answered but THIS IS GREAT! Love this! Keep us updated please!!!
I sure will Dariana 🥰 you probably did, I'm working on those ZZ props with GP, three GP producing great roots and the ZZ's have started forming rhizomes. One ZZ leaf is producing a tiny miniscule root, I'll keep you updated!!!
I put fertilizer in with my pothos water when propagating

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