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Succulent identification?
Help! Who is she??? Greg just says generic ghost plant. Another app says either Blue Haze, Jelly Bean, or Francesco Baldi. #plantidentification #lovesuccs #Succulents

None seem to match because of the shape of her leaves, her ghost coating, or purple coloring. Her leaf shape is closest to Jelly Bean, but they don’t get this purple color. She’s so cute has a couple of babies! Any ideas?
@Hypsie here is what Google Lens told me. It’s a Pachyphytum Hookeri. I hope this helps.
@Hypsie but at second look at the Google Lens, it looks more like a Jelly Bean.
@KikisOasis Thank you. I *think I just found it. I went back to Walmart’s app and looked up the seller. This was from a variety pack so no id. But I found this one sold by the grower. Do you think it matches? Looks similar just less compact.
@KikisOasis So after googling sedum rubrotinctum roseum, it is a variation of Jelly Bean. You were right!
It looks very similar to MOONSTONES PACHYPHYTUM. I just watched a video on them and they have a thick leaf, runs pale to pinkish depending on light. Yours is very pretty.
@user8455b334 Yes, very similar! Thank you 😊
She is now in a planter with her new family
Sorry this is a late response, but what you most likely have is a pachyphytum x sedum hybrid that Walmart and other big chain stores love to sell on their succulent shelves :-)
@Llynnelise Yes, I finally figured her out. She’s a baby finger or Pachyphytum Machucae. I put one of her babies in a bottle 🀞🀞🀞

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