Posted 2M ago by @TattedHibiscus

I got my #HawaiianPothos two weeks ago from Plant Proper and it was doing fine. Now the stems are turning black and everything is falling off 😭

I’ve only bottom watered it once once the soil was almost completely dry
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4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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Check the roots for Rot. If they are you will have to cut off the bad parts. You may need to prop if the roots are too bad.
@LatiTish84 I just took it out and it just fell apart. There are a couple pieces that have small roots on them. Could I prop those? Would that just be putting them in water until the roots grow more? (I’m newer to plants and haven’t propped anything before)
Put it in water! And let the roots get about 3 inches long. Then place in soil. @TattedHibiscus
@LatiTish84 ok! Does it need to be specific water? Do they all need separate containers or can multiple be put in one?
You can put multiple in one or split it up, it’s up to you. I personally use Spring or rain water. But purified or distilled also work as well. @TattedHibiscus
@LatiTish84 thank you for all the help!! We’ll see how the props work out πŸ˜…

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