Posted 3M ago by @Ailysa

Time to repot?
My boy has basically doubled since it started warming up (& getting him on a good water schedule). Considering I keep him inside but with PLENTY of desert sun, is it time?
(& ya, I know I've got way too much soil in this pot). #CenturyPlant #happyplants #newgrowth #repotseason #repot #springtime
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
To me it looks much more like a Aloe than century plant.
Idk if you have plant identity card. I would change pot, make sure it have drainage and shw sould be healthy looking. As she is. 😊
How do the roots look? You could probably go up a pot size with no problems. It's a beautiful, strong plant!
@LittleCrow yes, I was originally told it was some type of aloe (blue?) or agave, but the lady who have it to me didn't seem like she knew for sure herself. There is a drainage hole, & next one I use will too 😊 @sarahsalith I haven't looked at the roots since I first got it. They don't seem to be poking out, but some soil sure is trying to. πŸ˜†
Thank you both! πŸ’•

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