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question about planting #Syngonium

hey everyone and #SyngoniumSquad iโ€™m wondering if i have two or three syngoniums that are different types, can i plant them together? i figure since theyโ€™re in the same genus theyโ€™d be fine together but i wanted to ask jic iโ€™m way off base on that assumption. anything will help!
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Iโ€™m personally not a fan of combining different plants in one pot. Even if theyโ€™re all syngonium, different colors or degrees of variegation can have different water and light needs. If you decide to give it a go, Iโ€™d say just keep an eye out for signs that some are thriving less than others and be willing to separate if needed ๐Ÿ˜Š
@debbiedo heck yeah. thank you. very good information! for now iโ€™m probably going to procrastinate taking them out of their prop jars, but iโ€™ll keep your comment in mind when i get around to it
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@FicusOnTheGood Keep me posted!!
Agree - I repotted my syngoniums Maria Allusion and Milk Confetti thinking they'd look really nice together - and they do! but the arrangement I brought to work isn't under a grow light and unfortunately the Milk Confetti is suffering. The other two arrangements are doing pretty good under the grow light I have at home but I do feel like the Milk Confetti needs just a bit more light to get pale again (it's gotten more green). The Maria Allusion loves the light as-is and has gotten more red.