Posted 1w ago by @stopblackthumb

What does earning XP points do?
In fairly new to this app, I use it to remind me when to water my plants (I have ADHD and would forget my head if it wasn't attached). I've noticed that I've been earning XP when I comment on posts or complete my plants profile...what are they for? Are they just a fun thing to earn whilst learning how not to kill your little green babies???
In need of answers...
Hey Elizabeth, welcome to Greg! For now they're just for fun but we may look at ways to use them in the future!

Happy growing!
hello fellow adhd plant parent ๐Ÿ‘€
iโ€™m pretty sure you get a #gregmug after you earn a certain amount of points!! but as drew said they donโ€™t really have a purpose now lol

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