Posted 1Y ago by @ChilledCapybara

Is it alive?

I rescued this syzygium bonsai from the office where it was ignored for a while. Looks quite dry, I wonder if I have any hope to revive it
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So I’ve been into Bonsai for a bit now still getting the details down but I’ve got three now. Elm, ginseng and Juniper. I lost my first which was a juniper and learned and it was an expensive learning process. It I did. I have been in contact with the seller and now I get all my stuff from them and they coach me well. One thing they ask as my ginseng has been then all kinds of stuff with my learning. They ask me to scratch the bark not a lot. If there is green in the trunk they you have life. That’s the beginning of knowing of there is life in there.
@ChilledCapybara I am not a bonsai person but I’m sure someone on here can help you.
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Me neither, to be honest! I know nothing about bonsai
@Joedestefano is right. I would just barely pierce the bark with a fingernail and check the color underneath. If it’s green, there is some life in it. If brown, then it’s already gone.
@Joedestefano thank you for helping! Very much appreciated!
Thanks for the tips! I tried getting deeper into the bark on the trunk but it's quite tough. I'm afraid of hurting it. But i plucked one of the branches on top and the cross-section was green, so maybe there's some hope!