Posted 1Y ago by @Ispyanikki

Help! My purple waffle is getting crunchy leaves and a bit of yellow. Watering a are regular, only when soil gets a bit dry. I most on a daily and she sits next to a humidifier. It has been really REALLY cloudy for like 3 weeks though πŸ˜’

4” pot
Last watered 6 days ago
Humidity. Waffle plants love humidity. Best to get a humidifier or you can place pebbles and water in a tray around the plant.
I wonder if the humidifier is helping or hurting. My Purple Waffle sits in a south window that has a big tree in front of it. I water my plant with the soil is dry at least two inches down. They don't like to be constantly wet, they like to dry out a bit between waterings.

The Purple Waffle plant's leaves will be crunchy- that's how they are. It sounds like Fall if you run your hand through the foliage. οΏΌThey are not soft leaves.
My purple waffle plant stays crunchy.. I just stopped fighting it and figured it was just how it was.
@sarahsalith is correct, waffle plants naturally have crunchy leaves. Your ends are crispy? though, which humidity may help. Mine try to get crispy if I don't rotate by my humidifier every few days.
Stinkin auto correct!! I was trying to say that I’m watering on a regular basis but only when the soil is dry. I also mist it daily and she sits next to a humidifier. I know her leaves aren’t β€œsoft” but the yellow lines are concerning me. And the leaves that have this are much more dull than the others.
Leaves are naturally crispy at times but what I do know its a survivor give it what it needs and it will bounce back