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General Plant Light Question
Pretty much all my plants like bright, indirect light for at least eight hours a day. I either can't or don't want to keep them all in/near windows. Is a full-spectrum halo or clip on plant light safe to use to supplement the sunlight? There are options to use only red or blue light... I know some plants can burn with too much direct light. Is there a general rule or philosophy for this? Thanks!
@Paradox I use a grow light for my Monsteras and I keep it on about 12 hours a day. It’s red and blue light. Plus they have the natural light they need as well. I also use another grow light for other plants an it’s red while and blue. I have another grow light that’s red and white that’s a clip on one. It’s hard to see the red due to all the white. All of my grow lights came from Amazon. The first two have legs and the height can be adjusted.

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I use a broad spectrum clip-on for supplemental light. I’m careful to keep the times regular. It’s probably best to have a timer. If you want to encourage flowering, you can put you plants in complete darkness for increased periods of time to simulate the coming of fall.

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