Posted 2w ago by @DDa00

I need help identifying
I went to lowes today and saw the most stunning plant and didn’t hesitate to buy it. My addiction kinda took over 😅 however it was identified as “foliage”. I think it’s some kind of Alocasia, Greg identified it as a painters pallet but I don’t believe it. Thank you all so much in advance, I appreciate any guesses. It has a rough, almost velvety texture to the leaves of that helps at all #PlantAddict #AlocasiaAddicts
Best Answer
It looks like an alocasia maharani
Possibly a black beauty?
I agree with @ManyLime that it looks like a Maharani, and it's gorgeous 😍
Throwing my hat in for a maharani.
Agree with maharani
Thank you all so so much. It does look like maharani
@tmbryant37 thank you! I saw it and I audibly gasped and prayed she didn’t have visable pests 😅

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