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Monstera πŸ‘Ή
Should I trim the β€œbad” leaves or leave it?
This is my first monstera and I’ve had her for a week! πŸ₯³ found out it sweats too lol how weird. I also have one yellowing leaf but it was like that when I got it. Advice? #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewGrowth #PlantAddict #MonsteraMonday #PlantShelfie #GregGang #GregFeedback #PLANTMAFIA
I leave them until they naturally fall off. It doesn't really matter though either way. What ever vibes with your personal aesthetic more!
@RJG oh okay good to know! That’s all I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t hurting leaving it. Thanks! :)
@PlantTherapy as long as it has green it can still make food for the plant. That's why I generally leave them on until the bitter end.
@RJG what about the 1 small yellowing leaf?
@PlantTherapy the one in the third picture?
@RJG yes!!
@PlantTherapy it's barely yellowing. Look at this one still on mine
All to say it has a long way of making food for your monstera to go!
@RJG oh okay! I’m super excited to watch it grow I’ve always wanted one and finally!
It looks healthy. That newest leaf in the first picture looks fantastic 🀩
@RJG thank you! I hope I can do good by her! I’m going to read a little more on them!
@PlantTherapy sounds like a good plan!! And if you have more questions I'm sure someone around here will be able to help πŸŽ‰
@RJG thank you!! πŸ₯³
Even though is has a β€œbad” leaf, your plant is super pretty. 😍
@Pegster thank you 😍
I’ve heard cutting off the yellow leaves encourages new growth. That’s what I did with mine and I got 2 new leaves after a few days! Not sure if that’s why it gave new leaves but it was exciting. Congrats on your new plant btw it looks great!!
@Spookiewhookie thank you!

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