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Daman my Unperky Pothos N'Joy πŸͺ΄ πŸ˜”
For some reason Daman keeps getting sadder and sadder 😒
I've had him for about 1-2 months, he was beautiful and happy when I got him!

I kept him in his original plastic planter since I heard you don't want to repot them so soon and give them time to acclimate and get used to their new environment.

So I just repotted him today to see if that would help him less sad πŸ₯Ί

I had him under a plant grow light, but moved him further away to see if that would help, thinking maybe he was getting too much light.
Nope πŸ₯² it seems everyday he has a new yellowing leaf.
Just watered him today!

So I'm out of ideas πŸ™ƒ started propergating some of his leaves just incase I can't save him, but I will keep trying my best cause I want him to survive !!!✊🏼
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4ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
He does look unhappy, but no where near dead so you can save him! First, good advice was given about waiting a bit to transfer from the nursery pot, so that’s not the issue. Second, he looks overwatered. Are you making sure he dries out completely before watering again? Also, does your new pot have a drainage hole?Third, pothos love bright indirect light so keep using a grow light if he doesn’t get enough light where you have placed him. He’s super pretty and I love the coloring 😍
Yellowing leaves is usually a watering issue. When you check the soil before you water, how does it feel?
Mine does the same thing and I literally water it with a water meter
I had a water meter that was inaccurate. Perhaps yours is. What did the roots look like when you repotted? Healthy and dry? Damp or wet with some black or mushy?
does this pot have drainage?
Your pretty variegated pothos is not dead and can survive. Check the soil for moisture before watering. You can use your finger, a chopstick or a good moisture meter. Only water of the soil is dry. Put this plant in a drainage pot so water will not accumulate. Bright sunny indirect light is good so place him near a window. Hope he improves. πŸͺ΄
As per what everyone has said overwatering seems to be the issue due to the frequency of the yellowing leaves.
Pothos Njoy can be prone to root rot, so ensure your soil is very well draining. I’d also advise to let it dry out at least 80 - 90% before watering again!

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