Posted 1M ago by @CrazyPlantLadyPG

Leaves are turning brown
#SmallLeafSpiderwort So what is going on she is been so happy. Is it the new curtains? I had the same color only they were quite faded. Ugh!
2ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
The leaves tend to brown. Some say it is lack of humidity but I think this is normal and just what they do. Your plant is pretty and looks healthy. I don’t think it is the curtains. Lol. 😊
It’s been in the same@window the whole time. South facing do I need to move it to a different facing window?
This is how mine looks.
I moved my plant to an east window sill where it gets morning sun. The leaf color looks better but still gets browning.
@Pegster ok maybe I’ll move her to a east window.
My tradescantia is outside and the sun slightly browns the leaves but it is doing well.

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