Posted 1M ago by @CheerfulBlueash

Black spots

Does anyone know my my leaves are developing black spots?🙁 #Pilea
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Is it getting too much full on sun? Maybe try moving it somewhere else 😘
Remove that leaf. I have issues like this. At first, I thought it was overwatering, causing edema. It persisted and has killed 2 of my plants in this group. I believe in the absence of insects such as scale. This could be fungal. You can treat the plant with white oil that I have found to be very effective. I make mine in a gallon jug. I mix 2 Tbs cooking oil 1tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of liquid soap(I use castile). Do not use disinfecting soaps. Treat every 2 weeks for 8 weeks. If there are no new outbreaks, your plant should recover well. Welcome to Greg.
@Chevysgirl11 thank you will give it a try! X
@Stall54Jo this is great, thank you so much! X
Good luck with it ðŸĪžðŸž