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Cats!!! Are terrorizing my plant!
Ok this Monstera plant is very dear to me! He was given to me 23 yrs ago at my little brother’s funeral 😢. Over the years I have used his cuttings to grow more plants. So this guy means the world to me. Recently my cats have started to terrorize him! Every single time a new leaf starts to open up, they break it off! I want to cry every time I see a new leaf that’s been broken. I’ve tried numerous things to get them to stop (spray them with a water bottle, put pine cones in the base to keep them from jumping in there, put lemon on him because they don’t like the smell of citrus) …. Nothing works! Any advice on what I should do? He’s not looking as big and beautiful and full as he used to look
Oh no! Honestly I didn’t get into plants for a while because I was worried my cats would do this. I’ve been lucky that they don’t, but when they have gone for my plants it usually means they’re bored and want my attention. I would get some new toys and try to bring their interest to another area, away from the plant, so they can direct their energy to something else. Is there any way you can move the plant somewhere out of reach for them? I know that’s a tough ask, some cats are DETERMINED, but making it 100% inaccessible is the only true cat proof solution I know of.
Ooh another idea I just had would be some sort of trellis around the base of the plant that they can’t get through, like some fine chicken wire for example.
I ended up giving up plants when I had cats 🐈😅
i have a cat that eats new growth on my plants as well - it can be so frustrating! i tried spraying her and making it harder for her to get to the plants but the only solution that worked was moving it to a space where she couldn’t reach it at all. another solution that worked was putting a cage over the plant. i’m sorry this is happening to your poor plant!
I saw a hack on Pinterest of taking one of the round plastic drainage pans and fitting it over the pot opening. You'd just cut through to the middle and pop it right over. I would try that and maybe some foil over it or around it. Foil trained my cats to not jump on counters better than anything.
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Monstera are very toxic to cats so be careful! I use that ☝🏼. Works like a charm
Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I’m ordering ☝️ right now! I love this group 😊

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