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#stringofpearls problem
I'm having an issue with my SOP. This is my first one so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
It went from being big to this.
#stringofpearlshateme #stringofpearlsandtears #helpgreg #helpmeplease #helpplants
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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From the picture, it looks like your plant has been overwatered. I say this because the pearls look very full, which could cause them to burst and dry out.

I would suggest removing all the dead pearls and stem, and repot in a smaller pot with great drainage. These babies don’t need frequent watering as they hold the water in their pearls.
Any chance you have pictures of when it was big? That would be super helpful.
@lexindoorjungle check the plant card attached 😊
For well-draining soil I use succulent soil mixed with perlite. And I’d also recommend moving them to a south-facing window if possible! You will have to water more frequently the more light it gets.
@lexindoorjungle it's currently outside cause I read it prefers direct light, luckily I have succulent/perlite mix I use for the otherz
This is one fickle plant. Mines have taught me to water light infrequently Bottom water only not so much.

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