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What’s happened to my Bunny Eared Cactus?
I’d appreciate if someone could tell me why cactus had deteriorated? The bunny ears fell off. There has been some cold nights & I recently moved it nearer a window (over a radiator) to get more light. Thanks in advance #PlantTherapy
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
Aw @jonruffell that is a sad #BunnyEars indeed - I feel for you!

How far from a window was it before? Bunny Ears are succulents, so they need direct light for around 5-6+ hours per day. It’s likely that it wasn’t getting enough light, and was being watered too much (less light = much less water needed).

It’s possible for it to recover but will take some time. It will be especially challenging over winter in Berlin, because direct sunlight carries less energy than it does during the summer because the sun is lower in the sky. If you’re committed and hang on to it until summer, and put it in ample light then, you’ll likely see new growth.
How cold did it get ?
@RJG Room temp so no less than 15c
@alex thanks Alex. I followed Greg’s advice! But I think you may be correct with the sunlight. It’s been fairly grim weather for past 2 weeks. I’ve moved it next to the window to ensure it now gets more light. I’ll hang in there.
@jonruffell well that’s good my concern is that it looked like mine after a hard freeze
Awwww poor earless bunny! But it will recover! Sound advice above.

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