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Okay my Haya experts...

I have 2 Hoyas both of which are crazy crazy crazy. I don't know what to do with these. They have never bloomed they obviously have grown. Problem is these tendrils have wrapped in and out of the chains holding the planters, and they are growing very, very long. What do I do with them. Should I cut them off? Leave them alone? Hopefully you can see the vines in the pics. I tried to mark them. #hoya #hoyahangout #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #jodisplace
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@Stall54Jo yes, wrap around the trellis. Never cut these on hoya because just when you're not expecting it, you'll get growth. They'll grow and eventually wander again, but you'll get more growth.

Also, don't worry about no blooms on your hoyas, they'll do it when they're ready and it will be oh so worth the wait! πŸ’š
No! Don't cut them! You may get new growth. I suggest, you can still have a hanging hoya, but maybe give it a trellis so the tendrils are getting some light as well. You'll get more growth.

Spray your hoyas with orchid spray to help get blooms.
Gorgeous 😍 I think it's up to you to decide what you wanna do, if you wanna prune your plant then go right ahead! Most plants benefit from pruning and it helps to encourage new growth
If you wanna keep letting it grow that's totally okay too :) entirely your call
So if I add the trellis @AwesomePlants should I then wrap the vines in and out of it? Will the vines,currently devoid of leaves, will the get leaves up and down them? Great suggestion on the orchid spray. I use my afican violet fertilizer on some of my other bloomers. Thank you also for your input @ittle.squid
@Stall54Jo I also suggest not pruning if you want to see them flower. My understanding is that eventually they will put out peduncles from which to flower and cutting the vines could make it take longer. How old are your plants? I’ve also read that their ability to flower also depends on their age. One more thing I’ve read is that they like to be a bit root bound before they will bloom. I will post a link to a brief video about them in a bit.
@SunnyPlants on most other plants, that may be true, but with hoyas, you'll get growth so it's best to leave them be.
Great video, @SunnyPlants. I really was very encouraging. I have spotted some of the indications of possible blooms coming. I'm excited now.
@AwesomePlants Yes, I agree with you. I think maybe your comment was for @ittle.squid ?
@Stall54Jo I’m glad u found it encouraging! 😊 I love the videos that they put out. Very straight forward and to the point. I would love to visit that nursery one day. It’s kinda far from here, but maybe one day! 😊
@SunnyPlants πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ lol. I read wrong. I thought you were suggesting to prune. Ty hun!