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Where do you keep your birds nest ferns? Hanging or potte...

7” pot with drainage
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I am that person who has "experimented" with the perfect placement for birds nest ferns. (I will leave out the number of how many have met their demise at my poor judgment.)

One thing I have learned is that they must be well-hydrated at all times; they hate to dry out. They like humidity, very much. 

in my experience, a north eastern facing window would be good. But I am a little further north in Tennessee. The west facing and the south facing windows were too harsh. When I pulled the fern away from a south facing window by about 5-7 feet, that seem to be a good spot. 

They are used to being under the canopy of trees so they aren't fans of direct sunlight. I would assume that eastern light is soft enough for them.

My current birds nest fern is in a cabinet with a grow light. 
I'd so glad you found Greg, Grace! I hope you find the perfect spot for your fern.

Oh! And I've had them in Nursery pots, mounted them on Cedar with sphagnum moss, and in ceramic pots. I find the nursery pot holds the moisture the best.