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Brown spots on my succulents?! #SucculentSquad
Does anyone know why these brown spots are on my succulent?! They feel hard to the touch of that makes sense.
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I’m not sure, but I would try to rub those leaves with rubbing alcohol and cotton swab.
That looks like the beginnings of scale. I would remove that leave. @sarahsalith, @RJG thoughts?
Looks like a pest infection of some sort. I would isolate your plant until it is treated.
Thanks, @Shaubplantshack - I think @Pegster is on the right path.

These could be from a pest that has been there. I'm not sure what pest; maybe someone in #SucculentSquad could give more information.

This could also be from sunburn. How long have you had the plant?

If you edit your post to include the hashtag #SucculentSquad - your post will reach so many knowledgeable folks!
You guys are the best! I have added the hashtag! I’ve had it for a few months.
@vvvelo @strawberrymoon @Hypsie what's this look like to y'all?
I’m really not sure. If it was the lower leaves I would say just pluck. Kinda looks like a fungus.
Thank you this really helps! I appreciate it! I will definitely try the rubbing alcohol and see if that helps!
@RJG my best guess is fungus! idk though, i would use isopropyl just in case as vladimir said

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