Posted 5M ago by @TheGnome

Gollum jade

Does anyone have any advice on gollum jades?? My sister has one and she gave me some of the cuttings. #plantadvice #planthelp #gollumjade
4ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
I’m no expert AT ALL but was also given cuttings of the same plant. I literally just sat them in some dirt and they’re doing fine. I haven’t seen new growth but they are green and seem happy enough! Good luck!
@alltheplantsplz how much do you water your?
This is what the app shows me:
I literally just got some cuttings from up north at a family house brought him on a plane. Cut them a little bit. Stuck them in dirt and they’re doing amazing. Also, I’ve bought cuttings off of people literally even with not much of a stem was able to save a lot of the clippings..stick it in dirt. Water as needed, sun and I’m sure it’s gonna thrive.