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Acts like a fake plant
I’ve had this plant for about a year now, it stays exactly the way it looks, leaves don’t move and hasn’t shown any growth. I have it on a normal watering schedule and I’m not sure what to do with it? :(
Have you checked to make sure the roots are not too overgrown for the pot?
@Myindoorgarden Well originally I put it in a pot that was way too big and that’s when the leaves drooped, so I moved it to the smaller pot and it hasn’t shown any growth or reaction ever since
What kind of plant is it? Is it a fiddle leaf fig?
@Morgan3300 how long ago did you repot it?
@Myindoorgarden yes fiddle leaf fig
@EagerPhlox this past fall
@Morgan3300 Fiddle Leaf Figs are finicky plants. He could just be being stubborn. I would wait the middle of the summer and then try going up another pot size.
@Myindoorgarden thank you so much!!
@Morgan3300 have you fertilized it at all recently?
@EagerPhlox no I haven’t at all actually
@Morgan3300 ah, I think try fertilizer. I mix some with water and add it to my watering routine about once a month. My flf responds well. How’s the light situation in the window yours is in?

Edit to add that fertilizer in the spring and summer when it’s growing
@EagerPhlox ohh okay I’ll try that, thank you! And it’s in a west window, it gets plenty of sun
On the plus side @morgan, it’s super gorgeous and given all the stress fiddles give folks, yours in a “frozen” state isn’t too bad! At least temporarily. 😊❤️ Plants though, amiright? My zz hasn’t moved a centimetre in 6+ months.
Water heavy! Make sure it has new soil and fertilizer!
@00Severijn haha that’s very true!! And it’s been stressing me out 😂😂

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