Posted 1w ago by @UnbiasedTree

Curling leaves?
Anyone know why my peperomia leaves are curled up like weird pepperoni? I just bought this last night and the leaves looked like that already, but now I'm seeing that they shouldn't look like that. What gives?
1ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
no clue. what happened between yesterday and today. watered? no light? near a heater? cold? i’ve only read it’s a hit or miss plant. it’s not happy. maybe give it what it needs - whatever that is: humidity, light and wait a few days. could be in shock?
Yeah what have you don’t since you got it?? That can affect why it’s like that
I bought it this way! It had already looked like this when I picked it up. They all looked like that and I didn't realize the leaves were not meant to look curled like that cause I'm new to peps. All that's happened in the last 12 hours has been purchasing and bringing home the plant, transplanting the whole thing from its plastic nursery pot and into a terracotta one, surrounded it with fresh indoor potting soil, and stuck it under a grow light. It had definitely been watered this week, if not that day, so I didn't do anything with watering. So I don't know what it is
can you return it?
oh you removed it from the pot it was in into another pot. i’m new too but i read you shouldn’t do that for at least two months after getting a plant unless it is absolutely necessary, that is the roots are coming out the bottom of the planter. still, if they all looked like that, i might take it back.

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