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How far away should cuttings be from a south window? #Propagation #Cuttings
(Specifically Pothos and Pilea cuttings)
Cuttings like to be warm and humid so they can stand to be a bit closer to the window so long as you balance that with humidity.

It will also depend on what method you're using for them, because with water prop you don't need as much sun/humidity as you do if you're propagating straight into soil.
@tmbryant37 I’m using the water method and the glass is tinted
@sarahsalith You always know the answer!!!
@ABCD on my pothos I put them in bright indirect sunlight away from heating and air conditioning. Make sure you change out your water every 7 days. They will be ready to plant one their roots are about 3 inches long. They take sometime to grow roots but I never used any humidity except for misting them daily. Just be patient on the pothos growing roots cause it took me about 2 or so months for them to grow roots that were ready to plant. Here is a satin potho I propagated from cuttings. Some of my leaves curled because I forgot to move them away from the heat and air conditioning. They have new growth already. I planted them about a month ago. I used a clear glass mason jar to propagate them. I’ll post it after this post since we can only post 5 pics.

I killed my Pilea so I can’t help you there.
@ABCD here is the one I used. And yes that is a Greg sticker. I also posted my Greg mug too. I love πŸ’• it. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
What kind of pilea @ABCD ?? Chinese money plant, moon valley?? Moon valley is so sensitive, cmp couldn’t care less, pothos are happy no matter what. I have some in water beads ina. South window and one in my fish tank with no sunlight
@Jilliebeanstalk Chinese money plant
I keep mine in a south facing window, in dark glass. Just make sure you're keeping the water fresh and they should be fine πŸ™‚
Ok I found a better way to ask what I’m asking
@WickedValkyrie Mine is in a dark bottle:
@ABCD did@you take a pice of the stem along with the leaf?? According to a guy on YouTube we’re supposed to. A foot or two should be good. Cmp need constant rotating or they curve like crazy. Well not constant but every few days a 1/4 turn. I’ve switched from sun to a grow light because it came to me very leggy and I might be cutting the stem soon to see if I can’t make it two plants.
Yes I took stem
@Jilliebeanstalk You need a root node, not just stem πŸ–€ @ABCD I keep mine in the actual window sill.
@WickedValkyrie thank you! That’s the answer I was looking dor
Keep an eye on them just in case, depending where you live your sun might be more or less intense than mine. (:

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