Posted 3w ago by @GoldBalsam

Help! Why isnt my monstera growing?
8” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
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How long have you had the plant? It's a nice, big Monstera. (:
@GoldBalsam the plant card says April 28th. Was that last year?
Thank you, I've had it about 7months.
I just added the plant to this app today!
It hasn't grown any new leaves since i got it.
@GoldBalsam If you have had the plant for seven months and there is no new growth, I would consider repotting the plant. This gives you an opportunity to give it new soil, fresh nutrients, and a pot with good drainage.

Monsteras like soil that is chunky and drains well. Having wet roots consistently will cause stunted growth.

They like medium to bright indirect light, and they like to dry a bit between waterings.

I think with a change of scenery, you are Monstera can show signs of growth within the first few months.
New growth can look like the start of an aerial root or a "line" (for lack of a better word) on the existing stem that will eventually pull away and become a leaf.
Thank you.I did change the dirt once before and definitely has good drainage holes. But i will try again. And also moving it to a different part of house.

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