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Is it this dead or is there another way to prop it?
Ive had this cutting for a few weeks, stuck in the soil with rooting hormone and doing my best to keep is moist. Nothing yet. Is it just dead or is there another way I can try ? #StringOfTurtles #PepperomiaPod #SucculentSquad #PropagationStation #Propagation #propagationpros
2ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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You can always try tossing it in a prop box- my SOT took off growing roots when I ignored them in a prop box for a while.

Just LOOK at that cheeky SOP- I can't keep them happy in a pot, but if I toss them somewhere where I can't enjoy them, they look so perfect! 😫
Move it away from direct light. I would wait a little longer, and keep that plant moist. (Not all time)
@sarahsalith do you just use a closed container with moss? I only have soil but I could try this :)
Yep. I got a bunch of sphagnum moss from Amazon for $7. I melted holes in the top of the plastic.

I also have a few that are to-go containers with plastic wrap over them. All the green is new succulent seed growth in soil.
@sarahsalith I’ll give it a try. I also have some corms I can stick in there. Thank you!
@sarahsalith Stealing this idea 😊 thank you, please! πŸ™
@YveO I hope it works for you! I add it to Greg and when Greg tells me to water the prop boxes, I make sure they moss it damp and I "weed" it. (:
@sarahsalith I wish I had a better way to talk to you about my plants than this but I need you to tell me what you mean by "tossing it in a pop box" like literally or plant it??? I have a SOP I am propagating and this little thing popped up. what is it!!!! a baby SOP???
@kris10nicolee (: I saw your other post.

I made a few prop boxes out of plastic food containers. My favorite one has been the salad container from Costco.

I have wet sphagnum moss inside the containerοΏΌοΏΌ. I have melted holes in the top for ventilation.

I get these little plants that grow in the damp sphagnum moss that I pull out every few weeks.
My string of turtles cutting hasn’t rotted , but it hasnt grown anything yet, either. πŸ˜’
@AggroResting your patience will be rewarded (: Some of my coolest (hopefully) plants are taking FOREVER to grow!

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