Posted 1M ago by @MusicalKeylime

Burned Leaves & Arms going everywhere

Infant Gardner here. I have a Chinese Taro that I left in the sun for too long a while back. I was wondering if I should do anything to help the burnt ends. Also, she’s been growing great and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help her arms not go everywhere. Thanks!
4ft to light, indirect
7” pot
Last watered 3 days ago
I don't have any experience with this particular plant... But I would honestly remove the really badly damaged leaves with sterlized snips for scissors. They're not really helping her at the moment and she'll thank you in the long run (I try not to remove more than about 10% of any plants leaves in one go!... Maybe start with the one on the far left? There is one maybe two on the right I'd definitely remove as well, but I'd give her a week in between trimmings to let her recover (but that's maybe just me being over cautious! Lmao 🀣 I'm sure she would be fine anyway).

Apparently it's quite common with this plant to go a little drippy if she's a bit under hydrated, so you might want to read up and adjust your watering routine ever so slightly? She looks healthy!! But I think you might find the stems stand up straighter with a good drink... Try giving her a drench and then sit back and wait to see if it helps πŸ₯° apparently overwatering and light issues can be a factor too but my guess is it's probably you've been a little too careful avoiding root rot (a lot of us less experienced plant parents go that way, I know I did, after killing a couple by OVER watering! Lol) and I'd say your light if perfect as you've had all that lovely new growth since her sunburn!!

Hopefully one of the other #greggang who actually has a Chinese Taro will jump in and help too! Lol 🀣 since I could be talking out my hat πŸ€”πŸ€£ I'd love to know how she (& you!) gets on!! Xx
This looks exactly like a Monstera