Posted 1M ago by @PrizedShadscale

Curling leaves aglaonema

I’ll be honest… I don’t know how to make this plant happy. I had repotted after purchase and it did fine, but its leaves would curl and droop every 3 days.. not to this extent. And so I was watering it often but noticed it producing in the morning. I repotted yesterday and hadn’t realized the first pot was too tall and the soil below the roots was saturated. So… all that to say I repotted yesterday in a shorter pot, well draining mix with a wick and now she looks worse than ever. Is this transplant shock? 😬
8ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Give it time to adjust to the changes you have already made before deciding on additional treatments. Downsizing the pot sounds like a good move. Plants are temperamental 😜 some worse than others. Good luck with aglaonema.
@BrawnyRedrose thank you. This one is the fussiest in the bunch. 🙄☺️