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Can this be saved? It’s on clearance!! If so, how do I sa...

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Mine was sad when I got it too, and it’s recovered really well. I’d maybe trim off the super brown leaf and leave the others alone until it settles and starts pushing new growth. New growth can show up anywhere along the stem so it’s fun to watch for! πŸ’š
Still looks good to me. Increase humidity and it should be good to go.
@Birdman Do I need to trim anything or repot??? I can post more pictures if it.
Its pretty to me
I don’t think you’re gonna have a hard time with that plant. It looks healthy to me just let it do its thing and keep watering it.
@bear_100 i’d be tempted to cut back the canes. Otherwise the growth can be very leggy. Totally agree with increasing the humidity especially if you decide to cut back the canes and you can use the cuttings that you took to propagate new ones just by sticking them back in the soil, they’ll root without having to be water propagated. Agree with @debbiedo new growth can show up anywhere, and it is fun to watch!
@bear_100 i’ve put my cuttings in fresh soil and their own pot and then covered it with either a dome or put in a plastic bread bag or Ziploc bag and let them just sit in that nice little terrarium until they sprout new growth and that’s been very successful.
Like this ☝️
@debbiedo @MariansOasis Ok!! Here we go. I put two in my little propagation station (just cause it’s cute) & one cutting like y’all told me. Cut her back a little, too. Update:
Oh this too.
@bear_100 adorable!!!! Looks πŸ‘€ great! I love your water prop station πŸ₯°
@bear_100 So exciting!