Posted 1Y ago by @Ms.Persnickety

I am excited this little guy just arrived this afternoon ...

6ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Haha! I have some chickens that would love to help your new guy out! 🀣
@sarahsalith Oops I was actually not referring to the little critter, it hitched a ride in the soil of the newly arrived Ficus Ginseng! I’ll have to keep an eye on him (the Ginseng)to make sure that he didn’t leave any compadres behind!
Ficus οΏΌginseng are great! They like well-draining soil and bright light. I have mine in west window.

EDIT- without bright light, it can drop leaves. After you get it home and it's acclimating, it might drop some leaves.

That's totally okay, though- the plant will grow the leaves back. Especially with spring around the corner, you got your plant and it's friend right in time for the growing season.
At one point, my ficus lost all its leaves. All of the leaves AND MORE have grown back. It's a very forgiving plant. You can keep it trimmed down and it will help keep your plant bushy. Mine has had the freedom to grow as it wishes... for now. (:
I was given a money plant and was doing great and out of no where lost all leaves and began feeling squishy
1Y ago
@ManlyCoralpea probably got accidentally overwatered