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Hi. How do I get my plants to survive during fall and winter?
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I do. I had some others and they die. So I'm worried about the new ones I got. They are like 6 feet away from my glass door. I thinking a uv light?
Hey Marsha 😊 Welcome to Greg first off 🌱!! Second, what plants are you referring to and are the indoor or outdoor?
If they are outdoor you can bring them inside and over winter them
They are indoor plants. I have a Brazilian jasmine, Boston fern, golder pothos, tradescantia zebrina and two lucky bamboo.
You just bring them in!
@RadHeather Welcome to Greg! The ones you have outside just bring them inside.
Welcome to Greg, Marsha! My jasmine stays in the east window all year. It's inches from the window.

Your golden pothos and lucky bamboo are BEASTS and should have no problem dealing with the shorter days; just make sure they are closer to the light.

The Tradescantia can either stay near the windows or you can get a grow light.

However, your Boston Fern is the one I'm worried about most. For a few years, my mom kept hers in the garage over winter and they looked BAD- but they always bounced right back in the spring ... until last winter when we lost power for days and days.
I had the lucky and the golden pothos for years they are excellent.

I will get a grow light.

Thank you. You've been very helpful.
If you want to get plant lights, they are easy to come by and many are compact enough to fit into a regular lamp fixture. Just make sure the plants are directly under the lights.

I have T8 plant lights in my garage and some of my larger plants go in the garage over the winter and directly under the lights.
Hi Marsha! That Boston Fern would absolutely THRIVE in your bathroom! I'm currently in the midst of making my windowless apartment bathroom a jungle 😊
Wow😯 I did not know that! Thank u☺️

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