Posted 1M ago by @bakedtiger413

I wonder if I can give the bonsai treatment to Pothos? Is...

2ft to light, indirect
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 hour ago
What a good question! In my experience, Pothos play by their own rules. I don't think they make good bonsai specimens. (:

I'm glad you found Greg!
@sarahsalith I am worried about that, I definitely know how stubborn they are. But I figured with their survivability it would be easier to experiment with them.
@bakedtiger413 I say GO for it! They are tough plants!

You could make posts and tag them with #PothosExperiments to keep up with it. (:
Um this is such a fun question, what a creative mind 🀩 unfortunately, pothos are vining plants not wooded plants. it won’t have the cute β€œtree look” that a typical bonsai tree has. It will most likely look like a stick with some leaves…but a fun experiment so why not lol, who am I to ruin your fun πŸ˜‚